Mark Zuckerberg's Early Misdeeds Gain Mainstream Media Attention

In a series of posts on Friday, we shed new light on what really happened when Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook at Harvard in 2003 and 2004.We reported:

  • That, in 2004, Mark used his special access to Facebook users’ private information to break into two Facebook users’ private email accounts.
  • That, also in 2004, Mark broke into a rival social network and shut down 20 of its users’ accounts.
  • That, after Mark agreed to help build a social network called Harvard Connection in Fall 2003, he told friends he intended to “F—” that site’s backers “in the ear,” by building his own site instead — even while leading the Harvard Connection people to believe that he was still working on their site.

Today, we went on Bloomberg Television to talk about it:

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