Why Wasn't Mark Zuckerberg More Involved In The Facebook IPO?

mark zuckerberg facebook

Photo: By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Facebook’s CFO David Ebersman has become the fall guy for the scandal that’s engulfed Facebook’s IPO.He’s the guy who told analysts to cut their estimates, which, while within the letter of the law, seems to violate the spirit of the law.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, founder, and icon, has skated. He’s nowhere near the scandal.

Why is that? Because he had almost nothing to do with the IPO process.

While it’s good for him that he’s not attached to the mess, it’s weird that Zuckerberg, who is 100% focused on Facebook, was so detached on something that’s so important to the company and its future.

There’s something refreshing about Zuckerberg blowing off Wall Street, and just staying focused on building Facebook, the company, but you would think he’d want to be involved in the details of the IPO.

After all, it was a pretty big deal.

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