Mark Zuckerberg explains how his most controversial acquisition will live in Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife will soon have their first child, and the CEO of Facebook believes that he’ll be able to share the baby’s first steps with his loved ones in a way that’s way more immersive than photos or 2D videos.

The answer: Virtual reality.

Facebook bought Oculus for $US2 billion last year, and on stage at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit today, Zuckerberg shared some of the vision about how virtual reality would someday integrate with Facebook.

Moderator Steven Levy asked whether people would eventually be having all the conversations they’d otherwise have on Facebook through a virtual reality headset.

“I think we’ll ease into that,” Zuckerberg laughed.

At first, he envisions people sharing more and more 360-degree videos on Facebook — a feature just launched this month.

Right now, if you click on a 360 video, you can move your phone through the air to see the different perspectives in the video. In the future, Zuck sees people popping on their Oculus headsets to view that content (the device is set to launch early next year).

Zuckerberg believes that the popularity of those immersive videos will grow the same way the popularity of photos grew, and then 2-D videos grew.

“Facebook is meant to give people a way to share anything they want with any audience they want, and so more immersive content like that will be more a part of people want to share,” he said.

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