Mark Zuckerberg Has Made $US31 Billion In The Last 10 Years

Facebook is now 10 years old.

Facebook’s stock hit a new high today of $US61 per share.

At $US61 a share, Facebook is worth $US150 billion.

Facebook has likely reached the $US150 billion mark faster than any company in history. (A couple of companies may have done this in the dotcom boom, but they weren’t worth that much for long).

Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg owns about 500 million shares of Facebook stock.

At $US61 a share, Mark Zuckerberg’s stake is worth $US31 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg, therefore, has personally made $US31 billion in the past 10 years, an average of just north of $US3 billion per year. (And that’s not including the ~$1 billion or so that he has taken off the table and/or given away.)


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