Mark Zuckerberg Went To Korea To Ask Samsung To Make A Facebook Phone And Samsung Said No

mark zuckerberg meets with samsung ceo jk shin
Mark Zuckerberg with Samsung’s JK Shin.

Mark Zuckerberg is in South Korea this week meeting with top executives at Samsung.

According to The Korea Herald, Zuckerberg asked Samsung’s mobile boss JK Shin to consider making a “Facebook phone” that runs Facebook’s Home software for Android. According to the report, Shin declined.

Facebook Home is a modification for Android devices that adds a Facebook-powered layer to your home screen. Instead of your normal home screen with all your apps, you see a bunch of photos from your Facebook friends. You can like and comment on those photos directly from the lock screen without opening up the separate Facebook app.

Unfortunately, Facebook Home appears to be a dud. According to our sources, sales of the HTC First, the only phone to ship with Facebook Home out of the box, are pretty dismal. The app also has bad reviews in the Google Play app store. Finally, there’s been talk that AT&T will stop selling the First soon.

Based on that information, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Samsung doesn’t want to risk making its own Facebook Home phone until it has more evidence that people enjoy the platform.