Security once shredded a ham someone sent Mark Zuckerberg because they thought it was a bomb

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg loves Spanish ham — known as jamón serrano — so much that a friend once sent it to him for his birthday.

Unfortunately, the thoughtful gift didn’t make it to him.

Zuckerberg told a hilarious story about the incident during a Q&A in Barcelona Wednesday afternoon.

“It was a really nice jamon,” he said. “I think the pig had only eaten acorns its whole life, or something ridiculous like that.”

Unfortunately, people in the U.S. aren’t used to getting legs of ham delivered in the mail. Security personnel saw it and didn’t know what it was. They thought it was a bomb.

“So they just shredded it,” he says. “They destroyed it. And then they realised, ‘Oh, ok, that’s safe — it’s just ham.'”

When he wasn’t waxing poetic on his love of jamon, Zuckerberg also discussed how Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is one of his mentors and how connecting people everywhere is the company’s goal.

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