This Is How Much Mark Zuckerberg Loves Game Of Thrones

game of thrones season 3

The whole world has been reliving the fairy-tale sale of tiny startup Instagram to Facebook last year for about $1 billion in cash and stock, thanks to Kara Swisher’s in-depth article published in Vanity Fair.

One of our favourite details involves another kind of tale, one with broadswords, dragons, Zombies, long winters and an Imp, first spotted by Mashable’s Kris Holt.

Apparently, the whole negotiation only lasted from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Even so, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg paused negations with¬†Instagram cofounder¬†Kevin Systrom to watch HBO’s Games of Thrones.

Here’s what happened, according to Swisher:

Saturday, Systrom was back at Zuckerberg’s to formalise the negotiations and come to an official acquisition agreement, which they would both sign. Their back-and-forth was interrupted by a television-watching party for Game of Thrones that Zuckerberg, an avid fan, was throwing. Systrom spent much of the time outside in the yard, on the phone to the lawyers. “I didn’t watch the show,” he says. Rather, he spoke to his investors to inform them of the decision and get a sign-off.

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