Mark Zuckerberg Lists The Companies He Admires, Microsoft Doesn’t Make It

Mark Zuckerberg happy

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Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg sat down for an interview with Wall Street Journal.The Q&A centered on how Zuckerberg came to accept, and even enjoy, turning Facebook into a business after it was just a product for so many years:

“There’s a very deep appreciation inside this company that in order to make that all work, we need to build a really strong business and that means we need to serve that class of partners well on the marketing side, build good products for them and appreciate that we need to grow at a certain rate to attract the kind of people we need to keep attracting.”

There wasn’t too much in there that’s new or exciting, but the one small thing that caught our eye was this:

WSJ: What companies do you admire?

Mr. Zuckerberg: Amazon is a great recent example of focusing on the long term and accepting shorter margins on the short term. [Amazon CEO] Jeff [Bezos] went through years of people thinking he’s crazy.

Apple is amazing in terms of the quality of stuff that they do. And Google, too, for the same thing.

Those are all good answers, but it’s weird that Microsoft didn’t pop to mind for Zuckerberg. Microsoft is an investor in Facebook, and Zuckerberg works closely with Microsoft. Why wouldn’t Microsoft be on the list?

We’re not trying to nitpick, or do the cool-guy tech thing where you bash Microsoft, we just think it’s strange it was left off the list.