Mark Zuckerberg Is In Love With This New Name-That-Tune App, Song Pop

legendary song pop

Mark Zuckerberg has a new favourite game.

Meet Song Pop, a “name that tune” game like Draw Something for the iPhone and Android. You take turns listening to music and trying to name the artist or song.

It’s simple, short, and incredibly addictive.

The last time a game with those kinds of attributes rolled around was a game called Draw Something — which led to a $210 million acquisition.

Will Song Pop be the next Draw Something?

The jury is still out, but it’s growing fast: the game now has more than 1.1 million daily players since launching a short while ago, according to AppData.

Bam! Here we go.

You can find friends or create a game with a random opponent right away.

Here are all the ways you can find an opponent. You don't have to stick with just your Facebook friends.

Then you pick a playlist of songs. It'll give you a bunch of songs from that genre. You can get new playlists by shuffling the playlists.

The game can also find a random opponent for you...

...though there are still some kinks to iron out.

Here we go! The faster you get a song or artist right, the more points you get.

If you answer several in a row correctly, you'll get a streak running.

The more streaks you get, the more stars you get for that playlist.

As you get more stars, you'll be able to hear more songs and artists to guess.

You go through five rounds, and then you're done! Let's see how we did.

Now we wait for our opponent to play. In the mean time, you can send game requests to all of your Facebook friends.

Those little notes on the bottom are equivalent of power-ups. You can buy new ones with coins — which you can purchase with real money or with coins from winning games.

Here we go!

All your new active games will show up in the main screen. Let's see how we did...

Well, you can't win them all. You only get one coin if you lose. Rematch!

Let's go with some 90s hits.


Even easier!

That's more like it!

Bang! You get three coins if you win.

The note blocks can be really useful, but they are expensive.

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