Mark Zuckerberg Joined Twitter 5 Years Ago -- Here Are The Only 19 Things He's Felt Compelled To Tweet

A few years ago, Facebook was interested in buying Twitter. It didn’t work out, and now the two are competitors.

But during the courting process, Mark Zuckerberg joined Twitter. His first tweet was written from his @finkd account on February 2009. He currently has about 300,000 followers, yet he’s only tweeted 19 times.

Here are the 19 things he’s felt compelled to tweet.

1. Zuckerberg’s first tweet doesn’t make much sense. The account he tweeted at only has three followers and no bio.

2. Mark Zuckerberg is an Andy Samberg fan. He must like the song, “I’m on a Boat” with T. Pain and Lonely Island because he tweeted:

3. Soon, people began discovering Zuckerberg’s tweets. Zuckerberg was curious how they found him.

4. Zuckerberg’s used his fourth tweet to humblebrag. Facebook reached 175 million users and he was proud.

5. Next, Zuckerberg tweeted his whereabouts.

6. Zuckerberg discovered TweetDeck and really enjoyed it. TweetDeck is an easy way to scroll through Twitter and view interactions with other users.

7. An hour and a half later, Zuckerberg was still pretty into TweetDeck.

8. Zuckerberg asked former Facebook Product Designer Bobby Goodlatte a question.

9. Then he started talking with McCrea about how cool TweetDeck is again.

10. Zuckerberg told Facebook’s Senior Open Programs Manager he wasn’t crazy when he predicted that Facebook would be the “most open social network on the social web” by the end of 2010.

11. On March 4, Mark Zuckerberg had a good day.

12. Next, Mark Zuckerberg calmed down an anxious user who was eager to see Facebook’s new homepage.

13. Zuckerberg said he agreed with Mike Brophy, Okta manager and tech founder, about something.

14. Zuckerberg confirmed he was really himself on Twitter, then thanked people for following him.

15. Turns out some cool people followed Mark Zuckerberg. So he decided to return the love.

16. Soon, Digg realised Zuckerberg was on Twitter.

17. Zuckerberg teased an impending home page update in his next tweet.

18. He also promoted his public Facebook page on Twitter.

19. Zuckerberg took a three year hiatus from Twitter, then came back to tell people to push for a good cause. He hasn’t tweeted since 2012.

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