Mark Zuckerberg just one-upped your baby photos with this 360-degree video of his daughter

Like most of us, Mark Zuckerberg also turns to Facebook when he has something big to announce, but somehow he finds a way to do it so much better than most other people.

“When I was a baby and took my first steps, my mum wrote the date in a baby book. When my sister’s children took their first steps, she recorded it with photos and videos,” Zuckerberg wrote.

But Zuckerberg wanted more than just posting a lame picture or status update announcing that this daughter, Max, could now walk.

So instead of a traditional photo or video, Zuckerberg posted this 360-degree video on Friday that shows Max walking towards him, a feature the social network launched in September.

You can watch the cute video here. Don’t forget to use your mouse to get a full 360 view of the room.

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