LIFE OF ZUCKERBERG: As Told By His Brand New Facebook Timeline

life of zuck

Photo: via Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook

When Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook Timeline at the company’s F8 Conference in September, he made one thing crystal clear: he wants everyone to take life’s biggest moments and make them public for friends and family to see.Zuck has clearly spent some time manicuring and organising his timeline, the clearest picture yet we’ve found of one of the world’s richest and most famous men.

We picked out some of our favourite never-before-seen moments in the Life Of Zuck, from birth until today.

Mark shows off his birth at the F8 Conference.

The Timeline jumps 18 years to Zuck graduating from Philips Exeter Academy.

Zuck starts work on Facebook in his Harvard dorm room in 2004.

BusinessWeek ended up picking this one for its big Zuck profile.

He also sent them this one..... just in case?

In 2006 Mark Zuckerberg attended three events: a rock/paper/scissors tournament, a latke party, and an open house.

Here's a pic of Zuck sleeping on his first annual trip with girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Here's Zuck's second annual trip, this one to Angkor Wat.

In December 2008 Zuck rides a donkey in Morocco for his third annual trip. He loves to travel!

Did Zuck know that two years later, Andy Samberg would be impersonating him onstage at the F8 conference?

Zuck and Priscilla do Halloween, but can't they spare some king sized candy bars?

Zuck grabs dinner with Obama, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs, and more VIP's.

And most recently, Zuck bids farewell to Steve Jobs. We look forward to many more fun-filled years in the Life Of Zuck.

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