Zuckerberg: Why I Stayed Facebook CEO Even Though Many Thought I Should Quit

Most entrepreneurs eventually step down and hand their companies over to professional CEOs, often at the insistence of their investors.

Mark Zuckerberg, who didn’t have any executive experience, or any traditional work experience for that matter, decided to stay on as a CEO of Facebook, despite the critics calling him out on his leadership skills throughout the years.

He followed a different model, one that has worked extremely well in the technology industry. In this model, the founder remains CEO of the company and surrounds himself or herself with a strong executive team.

Watch this archival clip from our interview with Zuckerberg where he talks about his management strategy and commitment to Facebook. We interviewed him several years ago, but we are bringing back his timeless advice in the clip above.

Produced by Bright Red Pixels. Originally published in October 2009.

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