Mark Zuckerberg On The Facebook IPO

mark zuckerberg eg8

[credit provider=”Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Business Insider”]

Mark Zuckerberg at the eG8 Forum in Paris was asked by Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Lévy whether Facebook was going to IPO soon, and he said “not yet.” He also made a few other interesting points:

  • He thinks the next industry to get huge on Facebook after games is music, and after that movies.
  • Asked about Facebook’s role in the upheaval in the Middle East, he played down Facebook’s impact significantly, saying “My own opinion is that it would be incredibly arrogant for any technology company to claim any significant role in this.” It was great because it was both 1- a way to reassure Chinese leaders as Facebook tries to get a toehold there; 2- a swipe at Twitter, which likes to gloat about its alleged role in the uprisings.
  • Sounding almost like Eric Schmidt, he said that Facebook isn’t a monopoly, that MySpace was once bigger than them and they beat them and the internet is very competitive. Read: don’t regulate us!
  • He clarified that Facebook has no plans to let children under 13 sign up.
  • 300 million people use Facebook on mobile; the mobile web version of Facebook has way more users than the iOS or Android apps. 

But the best moment by far came after the interview, once Zuck was off the stage. Lévy didn’t realise his mic was still on and muttered to himself: “I’m an old fart who doesn’t understand the internet.”

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