Watch Mark Zuckerberg give a motivational speech -- in Chinese

Mark Zuckerberg turned heads last year when he publicly¬†spoke in Mandarin Chinese while answering students’ questions at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

A year later, Zuckerberg returned to the university to give his first full speech in Mandarin, addressing a room full of students to discuss why he built Facebook and the importance of having a strong mission.

“Today I want to talk about changing the world,” Zuckerberg said. “Lots of people can tell you about how to build a business and how to solve problems. Today I want to focus on a different question. Not ‘how’ but ‘why’ you should build. This is the essence of leading with a mission.”

Zuckerberg shared his 22-minute speech on his Facebook page over the weekend. He said this was his “first real speech in any language sharing how I started thinking about Facebook’s mission, [and] what has kept me going through challenging times.”

“The themes of believing in your mission, caring more deeply than anyone else and always looking ahead are relevant to anything you might build,” Zuckerberg¬†said in his post.

Check out the video below. Zuckerberg speaks in Mandarin throughout, but the video fortunately includes English subtitles so you can follow along at home.

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