Here's How Mark Zuckerberg Built Facebook Into A $50+ Billion Company

Mark Zuckerberg eyes

Bloomberg TV aired a “Game Changers” episode about Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday night.

The one-hour documentary offered an excellent look inside the making of Facebook, featuring interviews with many of the key players (although Zuckerberg himself “declined to participate.”)

Part of Bloomberg’s description:

“From rarely seen footage shot on location inside the company’s corporate headquarters in 2005, to interviews with billionaire technology investor Yuri Milner and former Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly, Bloomberg Television examines Zuckerberg’s fast track from geeky computer science student to CEO, and looks at what could lie ahead for the $50 billion privately held company.”

We watched the show and picked out some of the best parts. We tried to focus on lesser known facts

(Disclosure: Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson is quoted throughout the piece because he has been influential in the reporting of the Facebook story.)

Zuckerberg spends an hour a day learning Chinese so he can compete in China.

Sure, but we would rather be watching TV.

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