The "I'm CEO Bitch" Mark Zuckerberg Action Figure Is Finally Here

mark zuckerberg action figure i'm ceo bitch

Photo: MIC Gadget

Here’s a neat figurine: Mark Zuckerberg.The figurine is made by MIC Gadget, a blog about all things “Made In China” who decided to do this after making a Steve Jobs figurine.

As you can see from the figure to the right, it’s high quality and full of intricate detail so we thought we’d take a closer look.

Here's a full view with the little stand and like button

Here's a look at the head -- all the details are here

A look at the hoodie. The sign on the left breast is the MIC Gadget logo, it seems

The jeans are also nicely done

The trademark Adidas flip-flops, of course

It comes with this little Facebook logo box

And these two buttons

Here's what it looks like with Zuck holding them

From the back

This is neat: you can make Mark say anything

Write down what you want...

...and then attach the bubble with this plastic arm-thing

VoilĂ !

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