Inside The Hot Hollywood Project That Has Mark Wahlberg And David O. Russell Feuding


TheWrap has blown the lid off the crumbling of one of Hollywood’s most successful — and lucrative — working friendships.

Mark Wahlberg and David O. Russell have collaborated for years.

More importantly, they’ve taken care of each other; Russell cast Wahlberg in his films when nobody thought he could act, and Wahlberg tapped Russell for “The Fighter,” which would prove to be a pinnacle achievement in both careers.

But one of the hottest projects in the Hollywood pipeline may have ended their relationship for good.

Stars have been clamoring to book a role in Russell’s “The Silver Linings Playbook” — and Wahlberg was supposed to play the central character.

Then Russell chose Bradley Cooper over Wahlberg — and Wahlberg hit the roof.

The key to the decision: money, of course. Cooper’s per-picture rate is less than Wahlberg’s.

Plus, according to the story, Wahlberg’s contract stipulated that he receive $900,000 if Anne Hathaway, who was formerly attached to co-star, didn’t end up in the project.

That kind of fee is meant to protect Wahlberg against the presumed box office disadvantage of not having the A-list lady in the role. But still, $900,000? Just for him? Come on.

Hathaway did drop out in the end, so Cooper looked even cheaper — and better.

But what's amazing is how many actresses fought her for it. All these ladies were considered. Clockwise from top left: Kirsten Dunst, Carey Mulligan, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, Rooney Mara, Blake Lively, Andrea Riseborough and Rachel McAdams.

... Chris Tucker (now that's interesting)...

Now check out the many female conquests of the film's central star.

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