Mark Textor had some very wise advice for voters on election eve

Photo: Robert Prezioso/ Getty Images.

There’s a saying that politics is showbiz for ugly people.

It’s also sport – a sort of Collingwood (Shorten, who supports the Pies) v Swans (Turnbull’s home base, although because he’s Sydney born and bred, he doesn’t quite get AFL) match with all the bumps, hard tackling, sledging and passionate supporters that entails.

Politics is an ideas battle that’s tough and hard, but like all great games, when the full-time siren sounds, the sides come together, shake and celebrate the things that unite them and acknowledge the crowd (aka voters).

Business Insider columnist and Coalition strategist Mark Textor, who knows a bit about playing to win, made an excellent point last night ahead of the July 2 vote. It’s about the other issue both Turnbull and Shorten have tried to focus on amid the argy bargy of a campaign: respect.

As you head to the ballot box today, no matter who you think deserves to win the election, for whatever reasons, keep Textor’s wise advice in mind:

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