Mark Scott Accidentally Called A Newspaper Editor To Discuss A Response To The ABC Staff Salary Leaks

Yesterday The Australian published how much senior journalists and presenters at The ABC are paid. There were shocks, with big gaps between what some equally-talented staff take home.

This would have been bad enough. But, according to Tim Blair’s News Corp blog, there was also a hilarious mix-up which occurred when management at the national broadcaster went into damage control.

ABC Managing director Mark Scott accidentally called the editor of the Adelaide Sunday Mail David Penberthy to discuss how the broadcaster would respond. He thought he was calling ABC CEO David Pendleton.

When Penberthy alerted him to the mistake, Scott — according to the article — said: “This conversation never happened.”

“Yes, it happened,” Penberthy later said. “I really feel a bit sorry for the guy.”

There’s more here.

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