Mark Sanchez Calls Jets Players Who Ripped Him 'Gutless'

mark sanchez

Photo: Newseum (Via SportsGrid)

On Thursday, Mark Sanchez fired back at his New York Jets teammates who anonymously trashed him after last season ended in turmoil.Sanchez spoke to Michael Kay of ESPN 1050 about the unnamed Jets player who said the team needed a new quarterback because he’s lazy.

Sanchez’s comments, via ESPN New York:

“It is a gutless thing to do.”

He then elaborated on those comments to a wider group of media.

“If you’re not going to put your name on something, why waste anybody’s time? Obviously, they had strong opinions about it, but not strong enough to say who they were.”

Whoo! Shots fired. Things are sure to get interesting in Jets camp this summer.

Listen to the entire interview here >>

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