A Super Bowl MVP's Daughter Is Following In Her Father's Footsteps - In the Lingerie Football League

Angela Rypien

Photo: Lingerie Football League

Following in the football footsteps of a Super Bowl MVP-winning father is an unenviable task.So imagine the uphill battle facing Angela Rypien. Yes, the daughter of former Redskins’ quarterback Mark Rypien

That’s exactly the challenge she’s accepted as starting quarterback of the Lingerie Football League’s Seattle Mist.

It’s a curious professional choice – she’s also a personal stylist – but something she takes seriously.

With her father in attendance in her first career game Sept. 30 – and in considerably less clothing than what he once wore – she threw three touchdown passes in a 42-8 win. 

So…the obvious question persists: “What does dad think?”

“I think everybody that really gets on the field and watches the gals warm up — the ones that come there to support their team or to see what it’s all about, kind of get that, ‘Yeah, they’re out there in their bra and panties and they’re playing football,'” Mark told lostletterman.com. “(But) once the first snap happens and they start smacking each other around, you lose sight of all of that and you’re looking at the technical aspects of the game.”

It’s a good thing he does. Because most of those in attendance don’t. But Mark’s confident he’ll stay away from any potential altercations.

“One, some guy (would) probably whoop my arse out in the parking lot,” he said. “What good’s that gonna do?”

At least he has a sense of humour about it.

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