Mark Ruffalo wore a disguise to bring his family to Comic Con undetected

Costumes and disguises are the norm at New York Comic Con, which made it the perfect opportunity for “Avengers: Age of Ultron” actor Mark Ruffalo to head to the event undetected.

No one probably would have ever known he was at the fan convention, until Ruffalo posted a photo of himself on Facebook, disguised in a mask, complete with a fake cigar and baseball cap. 

PostbyMark Ruffalo.

He didn’t head there alone. 

Ruffalo Periscoped a portion of his day at the New York City event with his kids Keen, Odette, and Bella Noche, who were all dressed up as well.

His son Keen was with him, too. 

Ruffalo’s live footage shows dozens of people walking past him incognizant to the fact a huge star was under a mask right in front of them. 

At least one person claims to have spotted Ruffalo, after the Periscope went up; however, there aren’t any photos. 

After Ruffalo told the world he was at Comic Con, people began tweeting their disappointment. 

“I could have walked right past him,” this Twitter user tweeted.  

Ruffalo’s not the first actor to dress up to walk the Comic Con floor in disguise.

Jack Black and Bryan Cranston have also put on some clever disguises at previous San Diego Comic-Con events.

Maybe next year Ruffalo will up the ante by taking a page from Cranston who walked the San Diego Comic-Con floor in 2013 dressed up as his character from “Breaking Bad.” 

Who would ever suspect Ruffalo to ever dress up as the Hulk?

You can check out Ruffalo’s brief Periscope here.

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