Meet Wall Street’s Newest ‘Best Athlete’ Who Used To Beat Michael Phelps In Swimming

Mark Rubin

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Former NFL player Mark Rubin, who beat Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps in swimming as a kid, is now officially the best athlete on Wall Street. Rubin, 26, who works in fixed income futures sales at Barclays, captured title of “Wall Street’s Best Athlete” during the annual RBC Decathlon on Sunday, Bloomberg News’ Eric Matuszewski reports.

The charity decathlon, which raises funds for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer centre, consists of an 800M run, 400M run, 5 cone drill, dips, football throw, bench press, pull ups, 40 yard dash and the 500M row.  

Rubin, a former Penn State safety who had a brief stint in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams, finished the event with 7,277 points — 10 points ahead of second place finisher Clinton Biondo of Fir Tree Partners. 

However, Rubin didn’t place first in a single individual event.  He placed third in the 500M row and in the pull ups he didn’t even make the top 20.  

He told Bloomberg News that the competition is about being consistent.  

Last year, Justin Nunez, who was at Goldman Sachs then and now works at PAMLI Capital Management, captured the “best athlete” title. 

Nunez, who played football while at Columbia University and Tweets under the handle @WallStreetAthlete, finished in fourth in this year’s field of bankers, analysts, traders and hedge funders.  

He Tweeted “Thanks all for the support – 4th overall. Not the result I was going for but at the end of the day, I did my best. Time for a drink!.” 

Anyway, here’s some more that we learned about Rubin [via gopsusports]: 

  • His full name is Mark Harrison Rubin
  • He was born on October 24, 1985 in Buffalo, New York
  • He’s 6’3″ 
  • He’s from Amherst, New York 
  • Aside from football, he’s a talented swimmer and lacrosse player.    
  • Speaking of his swimming career, he has some major bragging rights.  Rubin beat decorated Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps in swimming a few times when they competed from ages 12 to 14.  Phelps beat him most of the time, but it’s still cool.   
  • He was a finance major in the Smeal College of Business at Penn State
  • During his senior year at Penn State, Rubin played in every single game
  • He was named to the ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District team during his final year in college
  • He also earned Academic All-Big 10 honours during both his Junior and Senior year seasons
  • Rubin was signed as a free agent to St. Louis Rams following the 2009 NFL draft. He was waived, resigned and waived again