George Zimmerman's Attorney Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Trayvon Martin Case

Mark O'MaraAPMark O’Mara

The man who helped get George Zimmerman get acquitted of murder is now facing an unspecified ethics complaint for how he handled the case, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The Florida Bar told the newspaper that its staff is investigating a complaint against defence attorney Mark O’Mara. It’s unclear whether O’Mara is facing possible discipline.

Zimmerman was acquitted of the shooting death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin in July. Since the case ended, O’Mara has publicly distanced himself from Zimmerman, the Sentinel reports.

After Zimmerman had two run-ins with police related to domestic disputes, O’Mara announced that he would not be representing him if any charges were filed.

O’Mara was not paid for his work on the Zimmerman case. A defence fund helped with some of the legal expenses of the trial, but after the acquittal O’Mara told The View that he had not been paid a cent.

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