Mark Madoff's Widow Refused To Let His mum Ruth Into His Funeral When She Arrived For The Service

Ruth Madoff

Photo: AP Photo

When Ruth Madoff arrived in Connecticut for her son Mark’s funeral in December, she was turned away by his widow Stephanie, the NY Post reported.Ruth, who’s been living in Florida, flew to Greenwich specially for the private memorial service and was forced to mourn alone at her friend’s home.

She sat shiva — a Jewish tradition in which immediate family members mourn the death of a loved one for seven days immediately after the funeral — by herself.

A family friend of the Madoffs told People, via the Post,

She passes most of her days and nights alone and numb… “She told me, ‘At night, it gets to me — the shame, the disgrace, all the stuff that killed Mark.’ “

When the news of the Ponzi scheme broke, her sons apparently gave Ruth an ultimatum: It’s him or us. Though she chose Andrew and Mark, who committed suicide in December, she later returned to support Bernie after he was beaten in prison. Her boys were furious, and “cut her out of their lives.”

We assume this is the reason Stephanie forbade her mother-in-law from attending the service.

According to the Post, the article in People (which we can’t find online yet) describes how Ruth uses her maiden name, Alpern, in Florida, and “dyes her hair red when venturing out to rent dollar DVDs or visit the public library.”

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