Mark Latham was fired by Sky News and a long-dormant Twitter account linked to him rumbled back to life

Mark Latham in his days as federal Labor leader in 2004. Photo: Jonathan Wood / Getty Images / File

Former Labor leader Mark Latham has been sacked as a commentator by Sky News after a string of controversies, the most recent being on-air comments speculating that a high school student involved in a video about International Women’s Day was gay.

Sky News chief executive officer Angelo Frangopoulos confirmed the decision via Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.

This week footage began circulating from a recent show on Sky featuring Latham commenting on a video about feminism made by students at Sydney Boys High School. Latham called the teenagers “dickheads” and said: “I thought the first guy was gay.”

“The boys at the boys school look like dickheads doing their video, total dickheads,” he said on air.

Latham had also been the subject of complaints from other Sky contributors, including former NSW premier Kristina Keneally. Latham had referred to her as a “Yankee Sheila” on air.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said Latham had exhibited “sad, attention seeking behaviour” and was acting “like a bully”.

Yesterday afternoon, a long-dormant Twitter account in Latham’s name — which has never been officially verified — suddenly came to life again, with a Trump-esque series of protesting tweets.

“I love gays!” one tweet insisted.

In another tweet, the author accused Sky of throwing him “under the bus”.

Another tweet accused Labor leader Bill Shorten of abandoning him, finishing with a trademark Donald Trump style “Sad!”

Before yesterday, the account hadn’t tweeted since August 2015, around the time Latham lost his job as a columnist with The Australian Financial Review.

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