Mark Latham Has People Agog With His Weird Column About 'The Bachelor'

Mark Latham The BachelorGetty / Jonathan Wood (File)

Former Labor leader Mark Latham today has an exceptionally strange column — even for him — about reality TV show The Bachelor.

In summary he starts by saying he’s addicted to the show but then proceeds to tear into its participants, saying the remaining two bachelorettes suffer “emotional retardation”.

He refers to the women in the show as “chickie-babes”.

He manages a side-swipe at respected 730 anchor Leigh Sales, referring to her “annoying superficiality”.

Talking about the depth of his obsession with the show whose stars he clearly loathes, he says:

Already I’m bracing myself for having to visit a Dickensian church hall one day, announcing myself to a circle of similarly troubled souls: “My name’s Mark and I’m a Bachelor addict.”

The final paragraph uses the exceptionally tasteless term “two-bagger”.

There are plenty of people who don’t think Latham should even be writing about politics. At least we now know that if he is going to write he should definitely stick to just politics.

Below is a selection of what some people are saying about it today.

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