These Creepy Sculptures Are Scaring People Around The World

Mark jenkins, sculptures

Photo: Courtesy of Mark Jenkins

Sculptor Mark Jenkins wanted to think outside the studio.Four white walls weren’t enough for him to display his work.

“I wanted to turn the city into a stage that absorbs passersby, dogs, pigeons, etc,” Jenkins said via e-mail. “First it was clear tape figures made from casts of myself and later I began clothing the works to camouflage them in the  visual landscape.”

Jenkins began making sculptures and street installations out of tape while living in Rio de Janeiro in 2003. Now when he is doing a show for gallery in a city, he’ll expand it to the streets with sculptures and installations. Or cities will invite him to wreak havoc on their streets.

He took the project to the next level by making his tape casts, filling them with newspaper and then dressed like mannequins that look like humans who are about to jump off a building, or had just put their head through the wall.

He’s shared with us some examples of his incredible work in cities around the world.

Tape dogs rummage through the garbage in Baltimore

Ducks floating down the stream in Washington, D.C.

A faceless homeless man sitting on the sidewalk in Washington D.C.

This work in London could be concerning for passing pedestrians

This one appears to be a man, face-down, in the river in Malmö

Battle of the blondes in Puerto del Rosario

He was so mad, he put his head through a wall

In Bordeaux, this one looks like he fell in

She's just taking a nap in Winston-Salem

This sculpture, also in Winston-Salem, is lost or cold

Ouch! This one's in Barcelona

Another sleepy sculpture, in Malmö

Don't do it! (In Dublin)

In a jam in Moscow

This one, in Tudela, looks as if he got carried away with the paint

Looking for some fish in Royan

Contemplative, in Washington, D.C.

Imagine walking into a room with this guy

Stuffed inside a locker

Flushed away

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