The Only 3 Skills That Great Leaders Need

Mark Hurd OracleBusiness Insider/Julie BortOracle co-president Mark Hurd

Mark Hurd, the co-president and former CEO of Oracle, wants to simplify the leadership dialogue.

“There’s a powerful tendency to overcomplicate the whole notion of leadership,” he writes in a recent post on LinkedIn. “In my own career, and with the great executives on my team now, I try to keep the leadership formula pretty simple.”

For his own purposes, Hurd has distilled the essentials of great leadership to three things:

  1. Getting the strategy right
  2. Executing that strategy
  3. Putting the right people in the right places

Hurd says “getting the strategy right” is more important now than ever before because of how fast today’s world moves. “Consumer tastes and needs are shifting faster and more dramatically than ever before. Do you have a sustainable strategy… that lets you keep pace with this relentless upheaval?” he asks.

Once created, that strategy is useless without people who can execute it. Hurd says it’s up to the CEO to “drive operational excellence that brings the strategy alive.” And part of doing that is his third pointer — put the right people in place. “After formulating and communicating the right strategy, and optimising operations to execute that strategy, CEOs and other top leaders then must be able to build management teams that truly understand the big picture,” he explains.

Click here to read his full post.

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