Mark Hurd Manages To Keep Details Of Sex Scandal Secret For Another 6 Months

Jodie Fisher

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The Mark Hurd sex letter will not be released until this fall at the earliest, the Wall Street Journal reports.In March, Delaware Judge Donald Parsons said the letter would be made public, with certain parts redacted. However, he gave Hurd the opportunity to challenge the ruling and present a case for why it should be kept private.

Hurd did appeal the decision.

Due to the court’s schedule, Hurd’s case won’t be heard until September at the earliest.

If you’re late to the game on this, Mark Hurd was forced out of HP after Gloria Allred sent a letter to the company’s board detailing allegations of sexual harassment against Hurd.

A source of ours who has seen the letter says it will “burn your eyeballs” because it’s so scandalous.

We got a sneak peak at the letter when Parson’s ruled that it would be made public, but we have yet to see the whole thing.