Finally! We Learn The Real Reason Mark Hurd Got Fired

Jodie Fisher

Photo: IMDB

Finally! We now know the really real reason Mark Hurd was tossed from HP.And it finally makes sense.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jodie Fisher’s attorney Gloria Allred accused Mark Hurd of sexual harassing Jodie Fisher. That we already knew.

What we didn’t know was that Allred also said Hurd told Fisher the details of a secret plan to acquire EDS months before the deal became public.

Neither allegation was ever proven, it seems.

But, when the board learned about the whole sordid affair, they tried to figure out what was truth and what was fiction. Hurd repeatedly changed his story, shattering their faith in him.

For instance, he claimed he didn’t know much about Fisher’s softcore porn actress past, but in actuality he had been visiting “” to see pictures of her.

Eventually, the board’s relationship with Hurd became irreparable, and they had to toss him.

One director Lucille Salhany is quoted by the Journal as saying, “The story has morphed already. He lied to my face and he’s lying to you. There’s no grounds for trusting him.”

Read the full story at the Wall Street Journal >>

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