Billionaire Mark Cuban Launched A New App Described As 'WhatsApp Meets Snapchat'

Mark CubanReuters/Mike SegarDallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban cheers before his team plays the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals basketball series in Miami, June 12, 2011.

Mark Cuban is a man of many talents. He is the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks as well as one of the fearsome judges on ABC’s show “Shark Tank.”

Now, Cuban is attempting to dive deeper into the mobile app arena with his latest project, called Cyber Dust.

Forbes writes that this iOS app is described as “WhatsApp meets Snapchat.”

It’s a free texting app that lets you send messages and photos in a sort of chat room, but the messages self-destruct after 30 seconds.

The app leaves no trace of the messages and they are not stored anywhere. It alerts you if the person has taken a screenshot, and it provides send and read confirmations so you know if someone viewed your message. If your friend hasn’t viewed the message within 12 hours of sending it, it will expire and be deleted forever.

This could be a viable Snapchat replacement. It promises more security and has more features coming in the future. You can only send pictures and texts for now, but videos will be coming in the near future. Of course, a chatting app is only good if your friends are using it.

The market for these kinds of apps is becoming very crowded, so we took a dive through Cyber Dust to see how it’s different from the rest.

Tap New User/Log In to get started.

The setup process is simple. Type in your email, password and birthday.

Next, create a username. This can be anything you want.

You can choose to verify your cell phone number.

Here's the main menu. You can add friends on the right, send mass messages in the option above it, and check settings in the left corner.

Tap settings in the upper left. You can only talk to people who have the app, so add some friends.

You can add friends through your phone book.

And you can send an invite to friends on Facebook.

If you already know someone else using Cyber Dust, search for them by username.

Once you finish adding friends, go back to settings and click on Blast a Message.

To start the chat with a friend, tap the name on the screen.

Here's the basic look of the chat room. You can send pictures and messages but not videos. The app will send an alert when you take a screenshot.

You can send a variety of emoji as well.

The messages will disappear after 30 seconds. Take pictures at the bottom to send to the other person. Images can also be uploaded from your Camera Roll.

Tap the option in the upper right to decide if you want to block this person.

After chatting with friends, go back to Settings and visit User Guides and Settings. Use this menu if you need any more help with the app.

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