Mark Cuban Thought This iPad App Was So Good, He Invested $500K In It

condition one mark cuban

Condition One is a new iPad video app, with heavy backing ($500,000!) from Mark Cuban.

Condition One can be used as a stand alone app or integrated into existing apps, giving users a new way to interact with photos and video.

Condition One videos are shot from all angles, so you can move your iPad around and see a panoramic view of each shot.

The app is Free and available for iPad. 

The app works on all iPads, but the iPad 1 doesn’t support motion controls.

Tap to open...

Here is the opening screen featuring the companies logo.

Mark Cuban introduces you to the app.

Here is the featured category...You can view last month's TechCrunch Disrupt Conference and more.

Video experiences are organised by category, here is the sports section. See what it's like to be inside a pick up game.

The travel section was our favourite. We got to fly over New Orleans, take a boat ride in the Caribbean and more.

The Tokyo section is sponsored by The Guardian and had some pretty cool experiences.

Simply tap on an experience to the right and it will download directly onto your device.

Here is how the app works. Hold your iPad in front of you

Walking down the streets of Tokyo.

There is a Panda Bear...

Watch a family take a picture with the Panda

See Tokyo's subway for yourself.

It doesn't look as packed as people always say it is.

Here are some flowers from the Upper West Side High Line.

You feel like you're actually in the game.

Here is the app in action.

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