MARK CUBAN: Here's 'the Amazon question' after the online retail giant spent $13.7 billion on Whole Foods

Mark Cuban, the billionaire investor and TV personality, took to Twitter on Friday to weigh in the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon.

Cuban said there was one question to determine whether the purchase by the online retail giant was a smart one.

“The Amazon question. Can they get your groceries to you faster than you can get to the store to shop in an Uber/Lyft world? Yes,” Cuban tweeted.

Cuban’s argument is forward looking, but he believes that the time it would take for Amazon to deliver you groceries from one of the physical Whole Foods locations (by drone, van, or whatever) would be less than the time it would take for an autonomous car owned by a ride share company to get you to a physical store and back.

For him, that’s a yes.

When questioned if faster grocery delivery like Cuban is envisioning would actually add value to the world, the Shark Tank host replied: “What is more valuable than your time?”

Here are the tweets:



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