CUBAN: 'I like' Trump's business ideas, but 'it's everything else that concerns me'

Billionaire business mogul Mark Cuban went on an extensive tweetstorm Wednesday, focusing in on his ideas for infrastructure less than a day after a list of more than $137 billion in prioritised project ideas from President Donald Trump’s administration was obtained and published by a pair of outlets.

Many of the projects on this list, obtained by the Kansas City Star and The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington, are aimed at revamping existing roads, bridges, and railways.

The list was passed around governors’ offices in December to solicit suggestions on projects, according to the report, and it is unclear if the list is finalised.

“With all the dramatic changes coming in driving and transportation, infrastructure dollars spent on roads/bridges will be misspent,” Cuban tweeted. “We need to invest in infrastructure that supports and enables the future, not projects that tie us to a less competitive past.”

Cuban had suggested prior to Trump assuming office that the president should invest a portion of his infrastructure stimulus spending on robotics, and he recirculated his blog post on the subject from his website, Blog Maverick, on Wednesday.

“Technological changes are accelerating,” Cuban tweeted. “We need to invest in leading the way, not spending on supporting 20th century technologies.”

He said he’s “pushed hard” on those he knows within Trump’s administration to use AmeriCorps “to create community jobs for those displaced by new tech.”

The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” who served as a prominent surrogate for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign, also provided some commentary on Trump.

“I like @POTUS business ideas,” he wrote. “It’s everything else that concerns me. Homerun Headlines/Exec Orders are easy. Execution/Leadership is hard.”

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