Mark Cuban is tired of the same '5 or 6' items getting all the attention this election cycle

Donald Trump, Mark Cuban, and Hillary ClintonMike Nudelman/Business InsiderDonald Trump, Mark Cuban, and Hillary Clinton

Mark Cuban is sick of the election discussion.

The billionaire businessman told Business Insider in a recent interview that “there are just so many different things that haven’t been discussed” because “five or six items,” including immigration, national security, and a broad scope of the economy are all that gets air time.

“What about technology?” he asked. “I can’t. I can’t.”

He suggested publications, including Business Insider, should reach out to their readers to discover the topics they want to know more about.

“Don’t ask about generic things,” he said. “What are the top 10 things excluding the ones we’re already talking about that are important to you? Because we already know, look, we talk about the wall and immigration and amnesty until we’re blue in the face. We talk about renegotiation of this and that until we’re blue in the face. OK. We’ve already done it. We’ve already discussed it. Stop!”

Cuban, the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” said “you guys are just as guilty,” pointing at Business Insider, adding that every media outlet is following the same trends.

“And that’s a problem for everybody,” he said.

When diving into the policy topics that do get covered, he targeted the conversation around candidate’s economic platforms, saying “nobody applies any common sense to the discussion.”

He specifically called out Republican nominee Donald Trump’s call to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement as proof of no one applying “common sense.”

“What does that mean for the state of Texas that does $500 billion in business with Mexico?” he said.

He continued:

“OK, let’s say they’re able to renegotiate. What’s the timeline? Right? You know, it’s not going to happen overnight. So let’s say he gets the tax bill passed and everything is hunky-dory and he’s thrilled and stuff about it. How long does it take to repatriate money from overseas? And have you heard a single company discuss that, that they are going to build a factory in the United States if Trump gets his way? Have you heard one? Talked to anybody? Anybody said anything?

“And let’s just say they did. How long is it going to take to build a factory? What kind of factory is it going to be? Is it going to be more robotics?”

“So the cost of everything goes up [by implementing stricter trade policies], and we don’t really add any new jobs.”

Cuban endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at a rally in Pittsburgh, his hometown, in July. In recent months, Cuban has ripped Trump repeatedly on social media in recent months.

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