Mark Cuban Thinks Foursquare Won't Make It Alone

Mark Cuban

Photo: AP Images

In a live chat on the Daily Beast this afternoon, digital media veteran Mark Cuban had harsh words for location-based services like Foursquare.Why? Because it’s too easy for other services with more users to incorporate location-based features of their own. So why would anybody bother checking in separately to Foursquare?

Here’s what he said:

i think Location based services wont survive as standalone companies. They have to evolve to something different. The Location based side of their businesses are going to quickly become features of facebook/google and other ubiquitous platforms

He’s not alone in that sentiment: angel investor Dave McClure recently called location-based services overhyped, and a study commissioned by Microsoft showed that more than 80% of users think that the risks  of sharing their location with such a service outweigh the benefits.

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