Inside Mark Cuban's Insane, Invitation-Only Super Bowl Party

mark cuban super bowl party

Photo: Tony Manfred/Business Insider

INDIANAPOLIS — Mark Cuban capped off a wild week of Super Bowl parties with a blowout DirecTV-HDNet party last night.The invite-only shindig featured a performance by Katy Perry, and was touted as the weekend’s most exclusive party.

We were lucky enough to find our way in.

So what’s it like on the inside of one of these insane Super Bowl parties?

The party was in this giant tent set up on a minor league baseball field. Let's go inside

Yes, that's a jumbotron

Cage dancers, a staple of any good Super Bowl weekend party

Cuban, being a good host and posing for pictures

There were bars all over the place, meaning you never really had to wait for a (free) drink

The beer selection was a little suspect. It was more of a vodka-cranberry crowd

The food — sliders, wings, etc. — was top-notch, and not as swanky as you'd think

They even had pizza, fancy pizza

Let's take a look at the decor... This corner forgot to tell the rest of the party that there was a nautical theme

The biggest chair we've ever seen

One drawback: it was raining out and the tent's roof was leaking here and there

But other than that, everyone was having a good time

What type of people were there? A lot of corporate types, plus a TON of guys in vests

There were almost as many dancing girls as there were people

At midnight, Katy Perry took the stage in her first performance since splitting up with Russell Brand. So party-goers witnessed some history

She dedicated a song to Tim Tebow at one point. But it wasn't one of her hits. Burn?

After she belted out all her singles, we headed for the dessert

All sorts of cupcakes


OVERALL: A really fun time, but don't put it on a pedestal

These parties are structured the same way as any regular nightclub event.

The difference is that corporations pour thousands of dollars into them.

So the drinks are free. The food is good. There are famous people milling around. And Katy Perry pops up at the end of the night to jump around the stage.

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