'I hire people like that': Mark Cuban expresses support for Trump's Treasury pick

Billionaire business mogul Mark Cuban on Thursday voiced his approval of President-elect Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary-designate Steven Mnuchin, who was going through a grilling on Capitol Hill during his Senate confirmation hearing.

The owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” took to Twitter and wrote he “actually” thinks Mnuchin “would be good for the job.”

“Mnuchin gave detailed answers to gotcha questions,” Cuban wrote. “I hire people like that.”
He expressed he was “a fan of a regulator that wants easy to understand bright line regulations.” He added it “seems like [Mnuchin] apologised for and rectified the situations of mishandled loans,” regarding OneWest Bank’s housing foreclosures. Mnuchin used to run the bank.
“Mistakes happen,” Cuban wrote. “It’s what happens to fix them that matter.”

During Mnuchin’s confirmation hearing, the potential Treasury secretary was pressed about the housing foreclosures and how he investigate foreign investment in Trump’s business, among other topics.

Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada pushed Mnuchin particularly strong on the nominee’s lack of answers regarding the OneWest foreclosures pursued in the aftermath of the 2008 housing crisis.

“How many Nevadans did one west foreclose on while you owned the bank?” Heller asked.

“I have the information that’s in public reports, but I’m absolutely committed to go back and get that information for you from the bank, so I apologise, I don’t have that with me today, and I do appreciate how hard your state was hit in the foreclosure process,” Mnuchin replied.

Mnuchin, in addressing a question from Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, said he would deal with Trump’s business “no different than I would deal with any business that comes before the committee.”

The former Goldman Sachs partner also said that, while he did not support reinstating the Glass-Stegall banking regulation, he said he and Trump support a “21st century version.”

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