Mark Cuban Spent Last Night Between The Sheets With His Title Trophy

mark cuban headshot

Photo: The Associated Press

Afters weeks of public-relations celibacy, Mark Cuban made sweet, sweet love to the Larry O’Brien Trophy last night.Or so he tweets.

At around 6 a.m. eastern time, the Mavs boss tweeted, “this will sound weird. Im laying in bed. with the trophy next me. #dreamcometrue”

Not sure if that’s within league rules. And it might be illegal (it’s Florida, sexual relations with inanimate objects has got to be some sort of felony).

Either way it’s a badass move.

He also got a dig in at Lebron and Co., tweeting, “how amazing was it that dirk, brian cardinal and ian mahini planned to all sign with the Mavs this summer !! #big3 #makingithappen”

Cuban’s got jokes.

That was way better than most of the 15 million(ish) “taking my talents” tweets last night.

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