Mark Cuban's reaction to an open 3-pointer from Klay Thompson sums up what it's like to play the Warriors

The Dallas Mavericks played the Golden State Warriors tough for half a game Wednesday night before succumbing, losing 127-107.

On an off night for Stephen Curry, shooting just 4-11 for 14 points, Klay Thompson stepped up and dumped 45 points on the Mavericks’ heads.

Yet in the third quarter, the Mavericks were hanging around, trailing by only a couple of baskets. That’s when the Warriors turned it on, going on a 23-7 run to pull away.

A three-pointer in transition from Thompson seemed to ignite the run, and Mark Cuban’s reaction afterward says it all.

Here’s the shot:

And Cuban’s reaction:

It’s like Cuban could sense the onslaught that was coming.

The Warriors are rolling, and while Curry gets the most attention as the head of the monster, they reminded the NBA on Wednesday that they’re a deep team with plenty of other capable weapons. 

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