Mark Cuban perfectly plays the US president in 'Sharknado 3'

The Global Asylum/Syfy/(L-R) Mark Cuban and Ian Ziering in ‘Sharknado 3.’

Warning: spoilers ahead
Sharknado 3: Oh Hill No!” is filled with outlandish moments and countless cameos.

But one of our favourites was the film’s opening sequence in which Mark Cuban comes out as the President of the United States.

Let’s just say Cuban as POTUS is just as intense and in charge as any episode of “Shark Tank.”

In the opening of “Sharknado 3,” the franchise’s hero Fin (Ian Ziering) is at the White House to be given a medal for saving New York City from the sharknado in the last movie. Cuban, as the president, presents Fin with the award.

But it just so happens that a sharknado is forming in D.C. during the awards presentation. Before everyone knows it, sharks are raining down on the White House.

The president and Fin are taken by the secret service to a secret bunker only to find that the sharks have already taken it over. As the secret servicemen begin to get taken out by the sharks, Fin is the only one left to protect the president. But as you can imagine, Cuban as the president needs no protection.

The president leads Fin to the armory and the two load up and begin to take out every shark in sight.

The scene concludes with the two jumping out of a window of the White House before it explodes.

“I was fired up,” Cuban told Business Insider via email about being offered the role of the president. “I had seen the previous two and knew it would be a blast.”

Thunder Levin, who has written the script for all three Sharknado films, told BI he came up with the White House sequence for “Sharknado 2” but they couldn’t fit it in as Syfy wanted it to take place in New York. The idea came back around for part 3 and Levin said they wanted the sequence to be “Die Hard” meets “White House Down.” For that, they needed a tough POTUS.

“I thought Mark Cuban was inspired casting,” said Levin. “He had a blast doing it and was really committed to it. So it was great fun to watch.”

Cuban said doing all the action was a lot of fun, but what he really loved was playing a character, as he’s often asked to play himself in movies and TV shows. He admits that he wants to do more acting.

“It’s so different than business,” the owner of the Dallas Mavericks said about acting. “In business, I know what I want to do. In acting, you just have to be there and see what happens. You have to let go. Got a movie to cast, I’m your guy!”

But did playing a gun-toting president give him any aspirations of getting into politics?

“Hell no,” said Cuban. “Unless sharks in a tornado were attacking the White House. Then I would do it for America, baby!”

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