Mark Cuban on How To Cash Out At The Top

A reader sends us a marvellous blast from the past: Bubble 1.0 winner Mark Cuban waxing philosophical about the bummer of not having cashed out at the precise, exact top:

CNBC Interview from 2000 –

Joe Kernan: “Mark, I understand that you have your own private jet – one of those GVs – a Gulfstream V?”

Mark Cuban: “Yeah. It’s really nice to have for when we go scouting for players for the Mavericks in other cities or countries.”

Joe Kernan: “Don’t you feel dumb that you cashed out your Yahoo (YHOO) stock at $200 and now it’s trading at over $230?”

Mark Cuban: “Well, it’s hard to feel dumb when you’re flying around in your GV.”

Mark Cuban: “I sold all my stock. I asked myself – what’s the worst that could happen? I walk away with two billion dollars in the bank? How much money do I really need?”

Mark Cuban: “I saw this tech stock mania once before and I know how it ends.”

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