Mark Cuban says it was ‘ridiculous’ that a teenager was arrested for bringing a clock to school

MArk Cuban

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blasted the arrest of a Texas teenager who brought a homemade clock to his high school.

“It’s ridiculous. All someone at the school had to do was think,” Cuban told Business Insider on his Cyber Dust messaging app.

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old whose father emigrated to the U.S. from Sudan, was arrested on Monday in Irving, Texas after police reportedly believed the clock he showed his teachers was a “hoax bomb.”

Though Irving’s police chief announced on Wednesday that charges would not be filed against Mohamed, his arrest prompted waves of criticism from people who suggested racism or Islamophobia may have played a role. According to the Dallas Morning News, Mohamed regularly makes his own gadgets and he repeatedly explained the device was just a clock.

After Mohamed’s story made headlines, he received messages of support and invites to tour Google, NASA, the White House, and Facebook. Cuban said he would also like to get to know Mohamed.

“I hope I get the chance to meet Ahmed,” he said.

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