Shocking Survey Shows Most Americans Would Not Want Their Kids To Play Football

Oak Grove Jackory Jackson Jordan Duncan South Panola Cole Rotenberry Mississippi 6A Championship high school football Davis Wade Stadium StarkvilleAP Photo/Rogelio V. SolisWould you let your kids play football?

Mark Cuban recently told Business Insider that there’s “no chance” he would let his five-year-old son play football. It turns out Cuban is not alone.

In a recent survey by Bloomberg Politics, American adults were asked whether, if they had a young son, they would want that child playing football. Of those surveyed, 50% said “no.” That number goes up as the parent’s education and wealth goes up. Of those with college educations, 62% said they would not want their son to play football. Likewise, 62% of those who make at least $US100,000 per year would not want their sons playing football.

This is just the latest bad sign for the future of the NFL, and is consistent with a recent poll that showed younger people are less likely to be interested in the NFL.

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