Mark Cuban Is Interested In The Mets But Is Sick Of Being Outbid For MLB Teams

markcuban stare tbi

Surprise! A sports franchise is for sale and Mark Cuban’s name has emerged.

New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon wants to sell a portion of the Mets to help secure his finances before he goes to court for his role in the Madoff scandal. The Wilpons allegedly profited from the Ponzi scheme, and a trustee overseeing the bankruptcy is after those funds.

Naturally, with his Mavericks in town to play the Knicks last night, Cuban was asked by the New York media as to whether he’d have any interest. Lo and behold, he says he’d be “a willing customer.”

But Cuban said he’d only pursue a stake if it would clear the path towards an eventual controlling interest. Wilpon insists he will hold on to his principal ownership. Too bad, because Cuban might be the one man willing to match the Steinbrenners dollar-for-dollar.

Interestingly, after losing bids to purchase the Chicago Cubs in 2008 and Texas Rangers in 2010, Cuban said he’ll no longer actively pursue, or participate in an auction for, a baseball team. He’d only be willing to listen if he was approached.

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