Mark Cuban says healthcare ‘should be a right’

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Billionaire Mark Cuban said in a recent interview that he thinks healthcare “should be a right.”

Asked about the American Health Care Act prior to the bill’s failure in Congress, Cuban told Business Insider that everyone involved in the current health care debate was “ignoring the basic question.”

“I think Sen. [Bernie] Sanders brought this up — is healthcare a right or an opportunity in the United States?” Cuban said.

The businessman continued: “I believe that, given we all face the exact same genetic and wrong place, wrong time risks, coverage of most chronic and life-threatening illnesses or injuries should be a right.”

Cuban, who has teased in recent weeks about a potential 2020 presidential run, pitched his own idea to fix the Affordable Care Act earlier this month. The basis for the proposal was single payer coverage for chronic physical and mental illnesses and life-threatening injuries, and standard insurance for all other healthcare.

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