Mark Cuban: There's one word that sums up Donald Trump

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban thinks there is a single word central to understanding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign: “killer.”

“His most important word is Killer,” Cuban recently wrote on his Cyber Dust social media app. “If you are not a killer, he doesn’t respect you. If you are a smart killer, you have used knowledge, effort and something that makes you special to accomplish what most dream of.”

None of Trump’s rivals, Cuban added, can match the real-estate mogul’s killer instinct.

“There is no one running that can stand up to him. He knows it. That’s why he isnt leaving anytime soon. He smells the kill,” he wrote. “We want to vote for a killer of those who threaten our future. He has sold his way to that position.”

Cuban often uses Cyber Dust to weigh in on the presidential race and Trump’s candidacy in particular. In previous missives, Cuban praised the developer as “the best thing to happen to politics” and told Business Insider he would consider being Trump’s vice-president if he were asked. (He doesn’t expect to be asked.)

In his most recent post, which The Dallas Morning News posted in full on Sunday, Cuban said there are two additional things the public should understand about Trump, whom he refers to using the initials DJT:

2. You have to understand how DJT approaches problems. He looks at any issue like a business issue and asks himself “can I solve it and how” 99pct.of the time he will have the confidence to think he can. Like most ultra successful people he sees solutions and thinks it’s a matter of effort to go from concept to result. He knows he could fail. But he will deal with that when he gets there

3. He doesn’t see downsides. This is what the media doesn’t understand. They always look at the “fallout” Donald listens for applause. He is always selling and n the summer and winter applause, ratings and bodies at events are votes. He knows everyone hates every politician, so no matter what he says as long as ratings and bodies are there, he is winning.

Cuban added: “That’s it. that is all you need to know about DJT to understand him.”

The “Shark Tank” star also argued that Trump has a crucial weakness: technology.

“If you want to beat Donald in the summer and winter you have to be a smart killer that can go toe to toe with him and crush him with his kryptonite. His kryptonite is technology,” he wrote. “He doesn’t understand it. He is lucky I am not running. I would toy with him :)”

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