'This isn't like 'Shark Tank': Mark Cuban marvels over Donald Trump's 'stupider' handling of campaign

Mark Cuban criticised Donald Trump over the mogul’s handling of his campaign during a Monday interview with Bloomberg, telling the outlet that instead of “getting smarter” the presumptive Republican nominee is “doing the exact opposite.”

When initially asked about the status of Trump’s campaign, Cuban suggested the Manhattan real-estate magnate has gotten “dumber” as time has passed in the campaign. 

“Yes, and that’s pretty straightforward, right?” said Cuban, the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and star of ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Cuban cited the lack of progression in Trump’s campaign management from the time he virtually secured the GOP nomination in early May, which has produced high-profile stumbles early on in the general-election race.

Cuban said:

“If he was smart, he would have started to learn that, OK, in a campaign there are a certain — in a national campaign, there are certain things I’m going to have to do. There are certain skill sets I’m going to need to make me smarter about running a national campaign. So did he go out and hire people who can create a ground game? No. Did he go out and hire people that could help him with — on an advisory basis to help with the whole political machine that’s required to get the vote out? He tried, and all those people just keep on getting fired and turning over.”

“And so rather than getting smarter to bringing in the help that is needed to run a campaign, he’s doing the exact opposite. And where we’ve gotten to is him pretty much being dependent on his kids. And we’re not — it’s not like — you know, they’re good kids. They’re smart kids. I’ve met them. They’re impressive in every which way. But I don’t know that I would want them all of a sudden just coming in to run a campaign.”

“This isn’t ‘Shark Tank,’ right, where it’s like, OK, you can help with this company. We’re talking about running a campaign for the president of the United States. And, you know, so getting stupider means not being able to hire the skill sets that you need to make you smart. And so I think he has gotten worse. And we’re seeing it happen right before our very eyes.”

Trump has made a swath of hires over the past week after firing his past campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. His campaign has also started to fire off rapid responses to push its message and respond to attacks — a hallmark of more traditional campaigns — after Lewandowski was fired.

Cuban has flirted with serving as either Trump’s or presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s vice president, even as he’s soured on the Trump candidacy in recent weeks. 

Clinton first appeared to expressed openness to the idea during an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last month. And a Tuesday story in the Associated Press featured anonymous Clinton campaign aides saying that business leaders might be considered as Clinton’s running mate.

Asked by Bloomberg if he had a legitimate shot at serving as Clinton’s vice president, Cuban admitted the chances were slim.

“Yes, I mean, look, it’s not going to happen,” Cuban said. “But you’ve always got to — you never know until you take the first step and you put it out there. Anything is possible.”

Cuban also expressed concern over the so-called Brexit vote last week, in which the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. In the aftermath of the earth-shattering vote, the British pound and international markets plummeted.

“We’re in a very manipulative situation right now, because there’s the political aspects on both sides of the ocean, and how corporations deal with those circumstances are going to influence what happens going forward in the UK and also here in our election,” he said.

In the aftermath of Brexit, he said businesses reacting in the US to the “take-back-our-country” movement championed by Trump could set the tone for the November election.

He called the nationalist fervor sweeping over pockets of Europe and the US “scary.”

“I mean, look, in my mind, hate never accomplishes anything,” he said. “No one has ever won with hate. And I think that’s the fundamental problem. And hate doesn’t solve problems. Hate doesn’t improve the economy. Hate doesn’t make people —  doesn’t protect our people anymore, doesn’t protect the borders anymore. And so we’ve got to be very careful about the verbiage we use because it just — there’s no win there.”

Watch Cuban’s full interview below:

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